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A forceps with sharp blades.
Synonym(s): cutting forceps
[G. labis, pincers, + tomē, an incision]
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It can be used on a variety of monopolar and bipolar Instrumentation including: cutting forceps, Kleppingers, bipolar forceps, Bovie pencils, suction coagulators, robots, curved hot scissors, spatula electrodes, and l-hook electrodes.
The web was incised with electrocautery and the foreign body was removed with a rat tooth cutting forceps. It was found to be a hollow cylindrical object made of plastic [Figure 1c].
There was a 20% growth in sales of cutting forceps, and the launch in March of the plasma spatula has met encouraging initial sales.
The second device, the PlasmaKinetic Cutting Forceps (Gyrus Medical, Maple Grove, Minn.), utilizes advanced, solid-state generator software to deliver pulsed energy with continuous feedback control.
The BiCOAG[R] Bipolar Cutting Forceps offers high performance and versatility across a wide variety of laparoscopic surgical procedures.
Gyrus PK Cutting Forceps are suitable for surgeons who wish to move on to more advanced technology and have experience using the Kleppinger device.
(Note that any cutting device, including monopolar devices, the Harmonic Scalpel, or bipolar cutting forceps, can be substituted through one of the lower ports.)
The frontal sinus ostium on each side was exposed by removing the entire uncinate process, including the uppermost portion, with cutting forceps. Extreme care was taken to not avulse the normal-appearing mucosa at the frontal recess.