cutis hyperelastica

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cutis anseri´na goose flesh.
cutis hyperelas´tica Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
cutis lax´a a group of connective tissue disorders in which the skin hangs in loose pendulous folds, believed to be associated with decreased elastic tissue formation as well as an abnormality in elastin formation, and usually occurring as a hereditary disorder and occasionally in an acquired form.
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(kut'is) [L. cutis, skin, hide, leather]
The skin, consisting of the epidermis and the corium (dermis) and resting on the subcutaneous tissue.

cutis anserina


cutis aurantiasis

Yellow discoloration of the skin resulting from ingesting excessive quantities of vegetables, such as carrots, which contain carotenoid pigments.
See: carotenemia

cutis hyperelastica

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

cutis laxa

A rare inherited condition in which there is loss of elastic fibers of the skin. The skin becomes so loose it hangs and sags. Pulmonary emphysema, intestinal diverticula, and hernias also may be present. There are at least three inheritable patterns of this disease. There is no known treatment. Synonym: cutis pendula

cutis marmorata

Transient mottling of the skin caused by exposure to decreased temperature.
Synonym: mottling

cutis pendula

Cutis laxa.

cutis vera


cutis verticis gyrata

Convoluted scalp folds 1 to 2 cm thick. It may develop any time from birth to adolescence and is more common in males. The skin cannot be flattened by traction.
Synonym: bulldog scalp.
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