catechu nigrum

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cat·e·chu ni·grum

(kat'ĕ-kū nī'grum),
Black catechu, an extract of the heart wood of Acacia catechu (family Leguminosae), used as an astringent in diarrhea.
Synonym(s): cutch
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To assess the effects of cutch tree/white mulberry on joint structure, this same study looked at urinary levels of C-terminal crosslinking telopeptide (CTX-II).
Although rice was the most important commodity, export of grain other than rice, timber, raw cotton, cutch also grew, as did imports.
White Mulberry and Cutch Tree Extracts Restore Joint Integrity
cutch, Catechu, Catechu tree, Cutch tree, Khair tree (India), Wadalee gum tree Diospyros peregrina Ebenaceae Indian persimmon (Gaertn.) Gurke.
Black cutch, pounds 15 @ Next Black wide leg jumpsuit with gold belt, pounds 54.99 @ River Island.
(14) The land of origin is an important parameter in judging a horse, and Tod in his Annals observes that there were several horse fairs in Marwar, where "the horses of Cutch and Cattiawar, the jungle, and Mooltan, were brought in great numbers.
Product Line: Rockford Powertrain, through its subsidiaries, Rockford Cutch Corp.
The final chapter in Part I is a detailed description by Potter of the history of extraction of several resources such as gutta-percha, jelutung, cutch, tobacco and rubber.
Does engine sound different if cutch is pressed when car is iding?