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Acronym for cumulative sum of a series of measurements; British usage primarily.
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The CUSUM charts are set to detect a 0.5 percent moisture content shift in the mean in each case.
The CUSUM statistic, a measure of how much higher a current observation is than a reference baseline, compares each day's volume with a short-term historic baseline (7-10-day moving average as used in the CDC model) (6).
Overall, the CUSUM methods (the seasonally adjusted CUSUM, C1, C2, and C3) had similar times to detection, but their sensitivities varied (Table).
The CUSUM and CUSUMQ tests also test for structural change.
Comparing the EWMA method and the CUSUM method, the former is more suitable with a stable set point, the latter can be used in changing set point cases.
Twenty-five additional patients were seen at clinics on December 24, 2001, a holiday, and the system calculated a significant CUSUM alarm of 4.48.
Several CUSUM charts proved capable of detecting both outbreaks by the second isolate.
A "tolerancia" com pequenas alteracoes e formalizada explicitamente nas equacoes do CUSUM com o valor de referencia K (Samohyl, 2009).
The utilized CUSUM control chart in the present work is a type of tabular, with individual observations and it works as follows:
CUSUM analyses were done on the difference between observed and expected counts (for a more detailed mathematical description of the models, see Appendix A).
CUSUM charts can be used to set a "challenging but achievable" target based on the best previous actual performance.