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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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But analysts said a cash handout scheme, announced as part of the fuel hike and aimed at protecting the country's poor, would help cushion the blow of the price increase.
The girl thrust out her hands in an instinctive gesture to cushion the blow.
New Burnley boss Owen Coyle is a long-term admirer of former Hibs star Riordan and would be keen on landing the Scotland international to cushion the blow of losing Lafferty.
Since Cuba began issuing small business licenses in the 1990s, to cushion the blow from losing Soviet aid, a sliver of society earns above the roughly US$15 monthly state wage doing things like filling cigarette lighters or selling books;
Want to cushion the blow of your coworke's coming-out?
Welcome to the political arena, where there's no padded sidelines to cushion the blow.
The Africa-Caribbean-Pacific countries could receive euro 190 million a year from the EU after 2007 to cushion the blow of its sugar-sector reform, EU Farm Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel said on December 8.
5) To this end, evidence uncovered a substantial buffering effect whereby social support acts to cushion the blow and make the perception of stress less severe.
Appreciation of their currencies against the dollar may cushion the blow, but it will not negate the shock of the structural adjustment that Asia still needs to make.
If Spotts seems to overlook the difference that sound economic stewardship can make, his film spotlights the fact that when hard times strike, our government is far quicker to cushion the blow for corporations--say the $5 billion airline bailout in the wake of 9/11--than for American workers, including the more than 50,000 airline employees who were thrown out of work at the same time.
But you'll cushion the blow if your teen gets good grades, takes driver's training, or is at college without a car.
Knowing that the patient's death marks the end of his or her suffering may help cushion the blow of losing the loved one.