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It is easy to construct a coherent narrative for Norton for the curve ball quotation.
After the pitcher masters the first location on the curve ball I like to move the pole to the left for the right-hander and the opposite for lefties.
Curve Ball made its debut with its rookie season in 2002 and is now entering its sixth winning year, with a number of awards under its belt including a gold medal at the recent LA County Fair beer competition.
CIA analysts also found Curve Ball credible because he named names.
How to Hit a Curve Ball, Grill the Perfect Steak, and Become a Real Man: Learning What Our Fathers Never Taught Us" is a handbook acknowledging that no father is a perfect father, just as no human is a perfect human.
If you throw a curve ball for a strike to a hitter, especially early in the count, the last thing he will expect is to see it again on the next pitch.
Rookie helmer Michael Wranovics makes a credible play for major-league recognition with "Up for Grabs," a sly curve ball of a documentary best described as a sports-themed "Rashomon" with an O.
And I suppose you think Dick here can hit a curve ball and Carl can throw overhand.
The same forces, purposely employed by a pitcher, cause a curve ball in baseball.
Which is something of a curve ball for locally-based sta who when they went outside to chip away at their frozen windscreens, couldn't work out where it had all gone.
Sometimes you get a curve ball and the roof starts falling in.
The key batter in the inning was Hunter, who took a curve ball for a strike, fouled off a fast ball, and then took a ball.