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1. a loop, ring, or spoon-shaped instrument, attached to a handle and having sharp or blunt edges; used to scrape tissue from a surface.
2. to remove growths or other material from the wall of a cavity or other surface, using a curette.


, curet (kyū-ret', kyū-ret'),
Instrument in the form of a loop, ring, or scoop with sharpened edges, attached to a rod-shaped handle, used for curettage.


A surgical instrument with a circular cutting loop at one end. The curet is pulled over the skin lesion in repeated strokes to remove one portion of the lesion at a time.
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, curet (kyūr-et')
Instrument in the form of a loop, ring, or scoop with sharpened edges, attached to a rod-shaped handle, used for curettage.
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The court heard Mr Curet took a break from driving about five minutes before the collision.
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Nevertheless, to decipher the determinants of economic growth and its effects, Curet performs a multiple regression analysis of a production function in which the variables are expressed in terms of growth rates at constant prices.
Mrs Curet is due to be discharged from Raigmore Hospital today and expected to travel home on Saturday.
Whereas previous Caribbean archaeological edited volumes have taken a thematic approach (e.g., Haviser 1999) or inter-island perspectives (e.g., Curet & Hauser 2011, Farnsworth 2001, Rainbird 2007), this volume provides an interdisciplinary focus on place.
We tapped Papo Vazquez-who is very much into Puerto Rican folklore-to arrange Tite Curet Alonso's bomba, Prucutu Cumbamba, and he did a helluva job!
Jose Ramon Curet, 56, of 15 Fairfield St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (broom), continued to June 9 on $500 cash bail.
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If these steps don't reveal a cause for the hemorrhage, consider the possibility that smaller placental fragments may be causing the bleeding, and curet the uterus using a postpartum curet.
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