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guan (gwän),

n in traditional Chinese medicine—in addition to “cun” and “chi”—one of the three divisions of the pulse that is used for diagnosis. Specifically, its position is near the styloid process of the radius. On the left hand, the pulse of guan is associated with the condition of the liver and on the right hand, it is associated with the condition of the spleen.
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Forty visual records of Helmeted Curassow were obtained during 2 years along 490 km of line transect surveys with a sampling effort of 588 hrs, a detection rate of 0.
Reports on the population density of Helmeted Curassow in Venezuela range from 2 to 8 individuals/[km.
Habitat loss in the Atlantic Forest and hunting are considered the most important factors contributing to the decline of the Red-billed Curassow (IBAMA and Ministerio do Meio Ambiente 2004, IUCN 2009).
The lack of information about the general biology of the Red-billed Curassow is alarming considering the gravity of the situation.
A new specimen of Southern Horned Curassow Pauxi unicornis from Peru.
A new subspecies of curassow of the genus Pauxi from Peru.
We estimated composition and diversity of curassow diets based on: (1) fecal analyses, and (2) direct observations in the field.
Curassows were observed consuming seeds and seedlings embedded in livestock feces, and a curassow was observed consuming the tail of an unidentified lizard.
In southern Mexico, Central America, and South America, habitat loss and heavy hunting are pushing large turkey-like birds called guans and curassows toward extinction.
People of the highlands and coast were prepared to cross the threatening Andes Mountains to trade with inhabitants of the jungle for the colorful iridescent feathers of curassows, egrets, and various types of macaws.
Habitat heterogeneity also created temporal variation in fruit availability both between and within habitats, and influenced movements of Salvin's Curassows (Mitu salvini) (Santamaria and Franco 2000, Parra et al.
Curassows, guans and chachalacas: status survey and conservation action plan.