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Being such that curing or healing is possible: curable diseases.

cur′a·bil′i·ty n.
cur′a·bly adv.

Patient discussion about curable

Q. my son is 5 and half yrs old.he is having veezing and 75%block in one nose because of is curable he has taken steriods for one and half yrs but with not much relief for veezing. then we switched on to ayur medicines,where he had some pigmentation at some places in his body. so again we are back to allopathy. he has one nasal steriod spray now with few other medicines. in his last test, dr, said he has adenod about 75% blcok in one nose, he has prescribed medicines for one month. he has also said that a small surgery can be done to remove adenod. i would like to know how long this surgry wil take and how much of rest he wil have to take. and if this adenod is removed, wil his other problem like veezing be cured? indira rajesh

A. it's a pretty common surgery from what i remember. most of our family has any kind of nasal problem...sinusitis..adenoids...just name it. the surgery is entering through the mouth (under full sedation) and lasering/curetting - removed. it took about a week to recover , eating soft foods..and it worked!

Q. I am 30 years old I was diagonised with cyst last decDoctor said the cause behind that is food. is it curable. im my first mri 6 spots were visible and in 2nd one only one was visible and in 3rd one nothing is visible. should i continue taking medicines.

A. geetadevi - there's about a million types of cysts , all over the body. a cyst is just a name of how can a pathogen show up. so you'll have to give more info then that. and anyway- stopping medication is A DOCTOR'S CALL! not other patients (who are very nice and want to help in any way they can :) ) call.

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Dr Riaz Malik said that people should be enlightened about the symptoms of TB and its curability.
These requirements include compatibility/solubility, processability, coatability, and curability, along with the desired mechanical properties of surface-hardness, toughness, elongation, coefficient of thermal expansion, photostability, thermal stability, and proper adhesion to substrates.
of curability, palliativity and incurability of the diseases and of thousands such other problems that baffle even those persons who possess a clear and vast knowledge, not to speak of men with lesser intelligence.
This ink is marketed on the basis of its ease of use, versatility on multiple substrates and its UV curability.
Successful STD interventions for Asians and Pacific Islanders will need to include long-term solutions to the problem of risky sexual behaviors, as well as education to dispel misperceptions about the curability of STDs and their impact on sexual relationships.
This is a good time to discuss the benefits of early detection and the curability of these cancers if found early.
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