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, pl.


(in'vō-lū'krŭm, -loo'kră),
1. An enveloping membrane, for example, a sheath or sac.
2. The sheath of new bone that forms around a sequestrum.
Synonym(s): involucre
[L. a wrapper, fr. in-volvo, to roll up]


, involucrum (ĭn′vō-lū″kĕr) (ĭn″vō-lū′krŭm) [″ + volvere, to wrap]
1. A sheath or covering.
2. The covering of newly formed bone enveloping the sequestrum in infection of the bone.


  1. a calyx-like structure formed by bracts below the base of a condensed INFLORESCENCE.
  2. a growth of the tissue of the thallus in liverworts (see HEPATICA that covers and protects the ARCHEGONIUM.
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The results of current study provide the antibacterial activity of the peel and cupule extracts of the oak.
Nuts are produced in a spiny cupule or bur that opens at maturity.
However, the Possum B result is comparable with the age determination obtained for crust in association with the enclosure and cupule design at Sandy Creek 1 (see Table 3).
Thirty-three hollows are distributed across the shelter floor, some on the more steeply sloping areas towards the back, others on the flatter area near the front; there was no clustering as we find at the cupule sites in the area.
They can contain a variety of other features such as cupules, astronomical bodies and other enigmatic signs not always fully understood today.
Bednarik finds evidence of artification as early as 900-200kya, if one accepts carefully carved cupules and incised lines on rocks as examples of modifying objects and surroundings and red ochre fragments as decorating the body.
The vulva glyphs in San Borjitas Cave in Baja California and the cupules at Morteros in Anza-Borrego State Park are more than likely women's birthing sites.
Cupules also appear in the petroglyphs of Hawai'i discussed by Lee (e.
When we tested an enteric strip, we consistently achieved the expected reactions in the cupules with patient-originated Klebsiella pneumoniae.
For example, rows of cupules found in the caves of Malakula, Maewo and Erromango are among the most dominant motif arrangements in the engraved rock-art.
Well known PNG mainland examples include the petroglyphs in the Sogeri area of Central Province, which include deep pits with central incisions, cupules, concentric motifs, rayed stars and anthropomorphs, and the geometric designs and scrolls found on boulders in Goodenough Bay (Rosenfeld 1988: 128, 130).
At Klipbak I the upper and front face of the gong exhibits a series of 11 banded and connected circular motifs, 7 ground cupules, and numerous surfaces bearing concentrations of percussion marks (Figure 6).