cervical pleura

(redirected from cupula pleurae)

cer·vi·cal pleur·a

the dome-shaped roof of the pleural cavity extending up through the superior aperture of the thorax.
Synonym(s): cupula pleurae [TA], dome of pleura ☆ , pleural cupula
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Its passage is outside the clavicle and far from the cupula pleurae, and the diameter is larger compared with the cephalic vein with little variation.[sup][11] Therefore, the axillary vein puncture avoids nerve or pleura injury and subclavian crush syndrome, which ensures a high success rate.
Contrast enhanced computer tomography (CT) was performed in both patients, displaying an unilocular cystic lesion about 2.0A-2.0 cm in size far above the aortic arch and close to the cupula pleurae in one patient, and two lesions above the cupula pleurae in the other patient.