cupric citrate

cu·pric cit·rate

(kū'prik sit'rāt),
A salt of copper used as an astringent and antiseptic.
Synonym(s): copper citrate
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Comparatively, cupric citrate (CuCit) is poorly soluble in water, but well soluble in acid and ammonia solutions, which facilitates better Cu absorption [6].
Cupric citrate (30 to 60 mg/kg) is an efficient copper supplement due to a relative low supplemental dosage required to maintain a high level of growth performance, antioxidant status and low tissue residues.
Effect of dietary copper source (cupric citrate and,cupric sulfate) and concentration on growth performance and fecal copper excretion in weanling pigs.
Effect of copper source (cupric citrate vs cupric sulfate) and level on growth performance and copper metabolism in pigs.
In some of the previous studies Cu from cupric citrate (organic source) increased BWG in broiler at 125 mg/kg (Pesti and Bakalli, 1996) or lower levels 100 mg/kg Cu-methionine (Paik, 2001).
Studies on the feeding of cupric sulfate pentahydrate, cupric citrate, and copper chloride to broiler chickens.
Studies on the feeding of cupric sulfate pentahydrate and cupric citrate to broiler chickens.