cupric citrate

cu·pric cit·rate

(kū'prik sit'rāt),
A salt of copper used as an astringent and antiseptic.
Synonym(s): copper citrate
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Comparatively, cupric citrate (CuCit) is poorly soluble in water, but well soluble in acid and ammonia solutions, which facilitates better Cu absorption [6].
Cupric citrate (30 to 60 mg/kg) is an efficient copper supplement due to a relative low supplemental dosage required to maintain a high level of growth performance, antioxidant status and low tissue residues.
Analyzed copper concentrations in experimental diets (as-fed basis) Item Cupric citrate additional content (mg/kg) 0 30 60 120 240 Analyzed values of copper (mg/kg) Phase 1, 0 to 14 d 15.