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 [ku´pu-lah] (pl. cu´pulae) (L.)
a small, inverted cup or dome-shaped cap over a structure.
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, pl.


(kū'pū-lă, kū'pū-lă), [TA]
A cup-shaped or domelike structure.
Synonym(s): cupola
[L. dim. of cupa, a tub]
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(kŭp'ū-lă) [TA]
A cup-shaped or domelike structure.
Synonym(s): cupola.
[L. dim. of cupa, a tub]
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This cupola furnace was salvaged from a Collinsville, Conn., foundry.
The cupola furnace baghouse at Acme Foundry, Coffeyville, Kan., needed replacement.
The event provided an opportunity for the artists to express themselves not with a paint brush and a palette, but with a cupola furnace and molten metal.
The cokeless cupola furnace has shown reductions of energy consumption and carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide expulsion in metalcasting facilities in Europe.
The cupola furnace generates, worldwide, more than 60% of the liquid iron used for the production of gray and ductile iron castings.
His new project is a small iron melting cupola furnace. When it is finished, it will be 4-in.
Since the advent of time, cupola furnaces have melted the vast majority of cast iron worldwide and in the U.S.