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 [ku´pu-lah] (pl. cu´pulae) (L.)
a small, inverted cup or dome-shaped cap over a structure.
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, pl.


(kū'pū-lă, kū'pū-lă), [TA]
A cup-shaped or domelike structure.
Synonym(s): cupola
[L. dim. of cupa, a tub]
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(kŭp'ū-lă) [TA]
A cup-shaped or domelike structure.
Synonym(s): cupola.
[L. dim. of cupa, a tub]
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Cupola operations have to balance the refractories of the furnace with the materials it is going to be in contact with in the shaft, especially the oxides.
The cupola on the left sits atop Denny Hall, part of the town's first high school.
antiprism Saint-Prim (Wikipedia: Saint-Prim is a commune in the Isere department in south-eastern France) bigyrate Tiger Bay (Wikipedia: Tiger Bay is the local name for an area of Cardiff which covers Butetown and Cardiff Docks birotunda turbinado (W3) cupola copula (W3) gyrate geraty(W2) prism prims (W3) rotunda tandour (W3) snub buns (W3) truncated reductant (W3) And for single-lettertransadditions, the 10 best ones are:
Tranquility and its cupola are the final major US portions of the station.
Marv's cupola collection is on full display atop his barn, woodworking shop and other outbuildings at his fourth-generation farm, Ridgerunner Acres, near Wykoff, Minn.
The cupola on the barn is currently on the garage behind the home.
A ragged chunk is missing from one of the cupola's five supporting columns and marble entrance desks have been customized with a few spray-paint, pixel-dot graffiti stencils, reminiscent of space-invader characters.
Architect Uwe Kiessler stripped the building down to its original floor plan, added a glass cupola, and restored the parliamentary room, where Reinhard Mucha's Das Deutschlandgerat, 1990, has been reconstructed, ten years after its appearance at the Venice Biennale.
The devastating hurricane of 1938 tore the building's central cupola off and dropped it through the roof of the building, according to the historical commission.
Attached to Tranquility is a cupola with seven windows, which houses a robotic control station.
In recognition of one of these projects, which restored the slate roof and replicated the original copper cupola of Hoffman Hall, the New York Landmarks Conservancy honored The General Theological Seminary and Waiter B.