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a depression or hollow.
glaucomatous cup a depression of the optic disk due to persistently increased intraocular pressure, broader and deeper than a physiologic cup, and occurring first at the temporal side of the disk.
physiologic cup excavation of optic disk.
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1. An excavated or hollowed structure, either anatomic or pathologic. Synonym(s): poculum
2. Synonym(s): cupping glass
[A.S. cuppe]
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An excavated or cup-shaped structure, either anatomic or pathologic.
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An excavated or hollowed structure, either anatomic or pathologic.
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Patient discussion about cup

Q. I know I’m supposed to drink 8-10 cups of water a day – but I feel it’s too much for me. I try to drink 8 cups a day but I just can’t continue with it long, I just find myself going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Any idea?

A. when people thought of this genius theory of drinking 10 cups a day they didn’t take in consideration the amount of water we get from our food, the idea that people working construction need more then 8 cups, that people that work in an air conditioned office and don’t tend to move around too much don’t perspire as well as construction workers. They just took the average data- we loose this amount of water, so we need to replace it. You should listen to your body and not to wise guys.

Q. Is it true that more cups of coffee can help avoid snack attacks?? I love having a snack between meals- but way too much. Is it true that black coffee can replace the feeling that a snack gives and even calm the fake hunger feeling for a while??

A. fruits- not very dietetic but at least healthy. carrots can be a good idea too. if you'll eat healthy snacks during the day you won't eat much at lunch and dinner time.

Q. how many 1. calories 2. good vs bad fat 3. protein does 1 cup of whole milk have compared to 1 cup of almonds?

A. Each almond has 7 calories. A cup of almonds has 680 calories, Total Fat: 60g, out of which 3.9g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 24g, Protein: 24g.
1 cup of 2% milk has 130 calories, Total Fat: 5g, out of which 3g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 13g, Protein: 8g.
Here is the nutrition value of different kinds of milk as well:

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The outlaw coffee vendors typically carry two thermoses of "coffee" in custom-made shoulder holsters, one alleged to be "decaf and one "French roast." Drop a nickel into a cupful of the weak-looking "decaf." If you can tell heads or tails, wait 60 seconds and see if those images have been acid-etched off.
In return, Starbucks gets a presenting credit and will take a cupful of B.O.
Poor memory: Research suggests that eating just half a cupful of blueberries on a regular basis could delay deterioration of co-ordination and short-term memory with age.
The 1 cupful will have swelled to 2 cups and small, white sprouts may begin to show.
As soon as the latter stage is completed, the coffee flows into a 10-cup, double-walled, insulated carafe designed with a lid to seal air out, thus preserving the flavor, and there it can remain all day, staying fresh and hot until you want a cupful and ah!, what a cupful it will be.
In a season of crass commercialism, overloaded family obligations and sometimes obnoxious mainstream sensibility, these two books will provide sweet relief as yummy as a cupful of eggnog.
As some women share, sleeping hours are not fully spent for sleep, half of it is spent thinking where the cupful of rice will come from.
Pat has written several stories for Bowhunter -- the latest, "A Cupful of Persistence;' appeared in our Whitetail Special 2002 -- but he has played an even larger, if less visible, role as Webmaster of the Bowhunter website.
Claim to fame: Along with husband, Bob, 56, and 15-year-old twins Chad and Sara, Koepfle (pronounced "cupful") runs Farmhand Feed & Home Co.
You should drink plenty of fluids 30 to 45 minutes before exercise and then approximately a cupful every 10 to 15 minutes during exercise.