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cun (tsōōn),

n in acupuncture, a variable unit of measure used to determine the location of acupuncture points. The cun is calculated for each individual based on measurements taken on the thumb or index finger. Also called
Chinese inch.
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Inscrita en el grupo CODIM de la Escuela de Comunicacion y Bellas Artes de la CUN a nivel nacional.
Ram alamsuk, Bor koxt, Bri duwa (a), Cab dulwa (a), Nas khif, Mov gat-, Boc upjoge, Dor bufista, busi (b), Cun bur- (b), Tun jar-.
Distribucion: regiones, CCEN, COCC, CORI; departamentos, Ant, Ch, Cun, 2150-2900 m.
In general, CuN treatment, an organometallic preservative, resulted in an increase in contact angle of water while CCA-C-treated surfaces reduced the contact angle of water on SYP surfaces.
Mota Singh, Mayor of Leamington & Mrs Pat Deeley; Jennie Bryce, Assistant Director of Grants of the Heart of England, John Garrett with dog Garth, & John Atkinson, Trustee Chairman of Grants Sub Committee and the Community Foundation; Chris Davis, Chairman of Warwick District Council, with John Atkinson, Trustee Chairman of Grants Sub Committee; Carol Davies, Grants Officer HofE, Anne Lowe, Deputy Mayoress of Stratford, Bill Lowe, Deputy Mayor of Stratford & Peter Deeley, Chairman of Trustees HofE; Cun Agnes Leddy, Mayor of Warwick (centre) with from left, Andrew Boswell & Mark Butler
MTV's existing local partnerships include four programs produced in China: "Tian Lai Cun," "MTV English," "MTV Countdown Show" and "CCTV-MTV Mandarin Music Honors," a show available to 300 million households in China.
erkegi eydur ki xosdur bu maqam getmek olmaz bu aradan biz mudam gurbet eder neceler bagrini bas agir olur netekim yerinde tas eyi olmaz gisi terk etmek vatan bunda yumurtla usenme yara sen disisi eydur bu dedugum soze fikr u te emmul gerek bunda bize yeller ese cun bu deniz qaynaya basumuzdan asa mevci oynaya yavrimuz alubanin ol su gede gisi ana necesi hile ede
Thereafter, he, Cun egonde, and Pangloss embark -- sometimes singly, sometimes together -- on a long series of disastrous adventures.
Address : Mandataire De La Cun, 3 Rue Bellier, 44000, Nantes, F
It covers the types of math problems and skills that are useful in innovation-driven societies, including CUN tasks, math reasoning, creativity, problem posing, and communication, and higher-order metacognitive thinking processes that allow people to solve problems, with discussion of models of metacognition, differences between cognition and metacognition, general and domain-specific metacognition, and debates about the development of metacognition as a function of age.