cumulative trauma disorders

cumulative trauma disorders (CTD),

chronic disorders involving connective tissue (muscles, tendons) and nerve, often resulting from work-related physical activities.
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Designing instruments to address the ergonomics of periodontal instrumentation and to decrease cumulative trauma disorders in dental hygienists is an ongoing area of research and development.
28, Gambaro's going to share what she learned from her own experiences, as well as five years on the board of directors for the Los Angeles Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group and the Cumulative Trauma Disorders Resources Network, and in writing dozens of articles and conducting even more interviews.
He explains what it is, what an injured worker is entitled to, the steps of filing a claim, whether the injury is covered, cumulative trauma disorders, what to do when injured, keeping records, the insurance company's role, dealing with an employer, taking charge of medical care, medical-legal evaluations, medical benefits, temporary and permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, death benefits, extraordinary workers' compensation benefits and remedies, benefits and remedies outside the workers' compensation system, settling the case, the appeals board, and finding a lawyer and other resources.
This second edition addresses emerging topics such as economic issues, cumulative trauma disorders, current regulatory standards, and recent international trends.
In the 1970s, cumulative trauma disorders of the wrist and hand attracted the attention of industrial unions, safety professionals and occupational doctors.
Ergonomics, which tailors work environments to a person's size, physical abilities and cognitive behavior, identifies these feelings as symptoms of cumulative trauma disorders.
com) is a monthly newsletter on information regarding cumulative trauma disorders (a sub-category of MSD's), workplace health and ergonomics.
Reducing certain job-related exposures can greatly reduce the chance of developing cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs)--a class of musculoskeletal disorders that involve damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and the circulatory system.
At the two plants, 36% and 20%, respectively, of employees who participated in the NIOSH evaluation had work-related cumulative trauma disorders in the last year, as determined by questionnaire alone; 20% and 8%, respectively, had current work-related disorders based on both questionnaire responses and physical exam.
Research studies that have dealt with life roles include clients with diagnosed cumulative trauma disorders (Dale et al.
This American book is the second edition of Management of Cumulative Trauma Disorders 1997.
Brenner and others examined the relationship between "flexible" work practices and occupational safety and health and found some rather disturbing results: "a positive, statistically significant, and quantitatively sizable relationship between cumulative trauma disorders and the use of quality circles and just-in-time production.

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