cultural relativism

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a philosophical system that considers truth to be dependent on individual persons, cultural contexts, times, or places.
cultural relativism the understanding of distinct cultures and lifestyles within the context of each culture; the behaviors of a cultural group are evaluated in the context of that specific culture, from an impartial perspective, rather than according to the standards of some other culture.

cultural relativism

a concept that health and normality emerge within a social context and that the content and form of mental health will vary greatly from one culture to another. Differences may result from variations in stressors, symbolic interpretation, acceptance of expression and repression, and cohesion and tolerance of deviation of social groups.
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Nevertheless the cultural relativism could contribute to an effective application of general principles of human rights contained in international declarations and treaties to particular situations of each society, characterised by a specific culture.
He sees multiculturalism as entailing an overemphasis on cultural relativism and difference that is divisive, prevents moral consensus, and creates individual mosaic fragments.
Cultural relativism, political correctness, modern art and music, the nonsense that passes for 'lit-crit' in universities, and what passes for education of the young, are all symptoms of life led amidst the ruins of a dead civilisation.
human cognition") to a form of cultural relativism ("deontologizing" effect).
While the book's focus is practical--how to "globalize" democracy, and how to make globalization more democratic--Gould does not shy away from hard theoretical questions, such as the relentless debate over cultural relativism, as well as less-often tackled issues of "embodied politics" and women's rights, and the relationship between terrorism and democracy.
And you realize that the great advantage of cultural relativism is that it renders argument impossible.
Moreover, much of this cultural relativism holds that these family forms are rooted in African tribal beliefs and practices regarding the central importance of extended family (Herskovits, 1938; Nobles, 1978; Sudarkasa, 1997).
Their actions have had many consequences - the advent of multiculturalism, positive discrimination and cultural relativism.
However, Radhika Coomarswamy, in her 2002 report as Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, takes a more balanced approach, wanting to recognise the motivations behind why the tensions between the universal and cultural relativism approaches to human rights are played out in the everyday lives of millions of women throughout the globe.
This belief is being challenged by apostles of cultural relativism who refuse to accept that such rights exist.
It's ironic that these people who accuse others of cultural relativism are now engaging in this great scientific relativism," said Eliza Byard, deputy executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.

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