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n in herbal medicine, used to describe plants that are commercially farmed rather than collected from the wild.
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The authority, in collaboration with the ministry, has already cultivated 650 species of corals and installed 703 artificial caves, as part of our strategy to enhance marine biodiversity in the emirate.
Because of their species richness and diversity of cultivated varieties, these agroecosystems offer families an assortment of essential nutrients, which contribute to the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies, especially in early childhood (Arimond and Ruel 2004, Frison et al.
Narala and Reddy (2012) focused on growth and instability in cultivated area, production and productivity of cotton for the period 1951 - 2011 in India through exponential functions.
Overall, he said that the cotton crop had been cultivated over 59 percent area out of the total targeted areas set for current sowing season 2017-18).
This study showed crucial variations in mineral element contents and photosynthetic characteristics among Soja and will provide a theoretical basis for protection, screening and utilization of wild soybean and breeding new varieties of cultivated soybean.
Giving details of the agricultural and veterinary services (provided to farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) and cultivated land areas, the report continues that agricultural production in 2014 increased to 1.
The area cultivated with wheat has increased by 34.
The governor warned Marja and Greshk district chiefs of legal action if they failed to eradicate cultivated poppy crops in their towns.
com), a full-service public relations firm, has announced that the company has been named the agency of record for A Cultivated Mindset (http://acultivatedmindset.
The fruitful orchards they toil in were among the first to be cultivated following Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon.
The potential of cultivated rangeland was recently highlighted to a group of regional leaders when Agra Professional Services, with a sponsorship from the Millennium Challenge Account--Namibia, conducted a two-day workshop to show the benefits of cultivated pastures.
He added: Egyptian expertise will help us to increase agricultural production, especially the grains that will be cultivated in areas controlled by the company.