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n in herbal medicine, used to describe plants that are commercially farmed rather than collected from the wild.
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However, cotton sowing in the Sindh Province during the period under review decreased by 6 percent as the crop has been cultivate over 0.
One of the reasons is that man in Murle don't cultivate, they only go after cattle, while women remain at homes to do the rest of the jobs, including cultivating for the family.
It noted that this increase encourages farmers to cultivate wheat.
We sat down to a five-hour dinner and talked about what we wanted to cultivate in our lives going forward.
Soon, I plan to cultivate the mushroom Maitake that is also healing but unlike Reishi, this mushroom is eatable, "Beljmezov explains.
After a lot of efforts and lots of losses we have managed to cultivate the same product as the Israeli enemy and to compete with its farmers," Shdid said.
Under the agreements, the two countries agreed to set up a joint firm to cultivate land, and launch the first farmer's union for Nile Basin nations.
ANBAR / Aswat al-Iraq: The Anbar council announced on Monday that it agreed with a United Arab Emirates company to cultivate desert of the western region and invest it for 15 years.
they wish to cultivate GM crops on their territory.
An extensive hydroponics system, that had by-passed the electricity meter, was being used to cultivate the plants, and was also seized.
3 : to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study : devote time and thought to <He's trying to cultivate a better attitude.
If You Want a Harvest, You Have to be Willing to Cultivate the Soil