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Besides, 3(4.6%) habitats were positive for culicine and 6(9.4%) were found to contain both.
This was done separately for anophelines and culicines. The variable area had three categories in Malindi: urban, peri-urban, or rural.
The presence of Culicine mosquitoes breeding in the same habitats exacerbated the problem of mosquito biting, though the species were of no medical importance in Botswana.
Development of combined use of Neem (Azadirachta indica) and water management for the control of culicine mosquitoes in rice fields.
Mosquito (anopheline) - A different sub-family from culicine, these mosquitoes have patches of light and dark scales on the wings.
McIver, "Fine structure of antennal sensilla coeloconica of culicine mosquitoes," Tissue and Cell, vol.
In another evaluation carried out for more than one year, Samnotra & Premkumar (16) observed that in control operations, weekly application of pirimiphos-methyl at the dosage of 12.5 g(ai)/ha, against culicine mosquitoes caused 81.7 per cent reduction in immature density.
Few authors, such as Lane (1953), Valencia (1973), Sirivanakarn (1978), have described or figured the CA of neotropical culicine species reported from Costa Rica.
Isolation of spondweni virus from four species of culicine mosquitoes and a report of two laboratory infections with the virus.
Abstract.- Four anopheline and nine culicine mosquito species have been reported from Murree Hills.