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Effects of organic enrichment on temporal distribution and abundance of culicine egg rafts.
Collected mosquitoes were identified morphologically using the keys of Edwards (26) for culicines, and Gillies & Coetzee (27) for anophelines.
Although it has been isolated from >20 different species of culicine or anopheline mosquitoes, most frequently from Anopheles quadrimaculatus (1,5), the principal mosquito vectors are unknown.
funestus and culicine species in a rice irrigation scheme in western Kenya.
Surveillance data on avian deaths and seroprevalence studies suggest hypotheses about reservoir host species but do not indicate the competence of a particular species to infect a culicine vector.
While it is necessary to study mosquitoes in Sanandaj, there are no more references on the Culicine mosquitoes of the district.
Adult and larvae of culicine mosquitoes were collected from human dwellings and water-logged drains and reservoirs between 0600 and 0800 hrs following standard entomological techniques (3,4) to note density of adult and larvae of Cx.
All previous equine and human outbreaks of WNV infection in Europe and the Mediterranean area typically have occurred between August and October (9,21), the period when the population density of culicine mosquitoes is highest.