1. Cutting through the posterior vaginal wall into the cul-de-sac of Douglas.
2. Synonym(s): vaginal celiotomy
[cul-de-sac + G. tomē, incision]
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* 1901--Ott of Petrograd introduced optical inspection of abdominal cavity with patient in Trendelenburg position at 450 angle through a culdotomy incision.
This goes for hysterectomy involving a large uterus, myomectomy through a culdotomy incision, and removal of the uterine fundus after supracervical hysterectomy.
Only the LigaSure Advance provides both coaptive coagulation and spark cutting via an electrode on the tip of one blade; therefore, an adjunctive mechanical or energy-based device must be employed to perform culdotomy during total laparoscopic hysterectomy when EnSeal or the PK Cutting Forceps is used.