cubitus varus

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1. elbow.
2. the entire upper limb distal to the humerus, including elbow, forearm, and hand.
3. ulna. adj., adj cu´bital.
cubitus val€´gus deformity of the elbow in which it deviates away from the midline of the body when extended.
cubitus va´rus deformity of the elbow in which it deviates toward the midline of the body when extended.
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cu·bi·tus va'·rus

deviation of the extended forearm to the inward (ulnar) side of the axis of the limb.
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A reversal of the arm’s carrying angle, resulting from
(1) Inadequate correction of the medial angulation of the distal fragment of a supracondylar fracture of the humerus or
(2) Stimulation of lateral condylar epiphyseal proliferation from the fracture itself—even when the fracture has not been displaced—resulting in a cosmetic, but not functional, deformity
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cu·bi·tus va·rus

(kyū'bi-tŭs vā'rŭs)
Deviation of the extended forearm to the inward (ulnar) side of the axis of the limb.
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It is concluded that in the cubitus varus, the mechanical axis, the olecranon, and the triceps axis are displayed medially.
Untreated displaced fractures usually result in non-union with cubitus varus deformity.
Correlation between posteromedial or posterolateral displacement and cubitus varus deformity in supracondylar humerus fractures in children.
At the end of one year of follow-up, the patient had 10 degrees of cubitus varus deformity with full range of elbow movement.
There are different techniques, different fixation to correct cubitus varus deformity, each has its own advantage and disadvantage.
Supracondylar fractures of humerus-prevention of cubitus varus. J Bone Joint Surg Am 1972;54(1):60-66.
(6) They reported that if Baumann's angle of the injured extremity is within 4[degrees] of the normal side, then there will be no cubitus varus deformity.
Two patients in the study developed cubitus varus, which possessed cosmetic problem as both patients had good functional range of elbow motion.
In the past, cubitus varus or cubitus valgus frequently was thought to occur because of growth arrest of distal humeral epiphysis, rather than because of the malreduction of the fracture (Watson-Jones).
And we are correcting the angulations and rotations under image intensification control, greatly reduce the mal unions like cubitus varus or cubitus valgus with this technique.
In our study all fractures united in 4-6 weeks, 2(7.14%) patients had traumatic radial nerve palsy (pre-operatively), 2(7.14%) patients had iatrogenic ulnar nerve palsy & both showed progressive improvement with full functional recovery in 4-6 months follow up, 1(3.5%) patients had superficial pin tract infection and it healed with curettage & antibiotics, 4 (14.28%) patients had cubitus varus deformity.