cubitus valgus

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cu·bi·tus val·'gus

deviation of the extended forearm to the outer (radial) side of the axis of the limb.
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cu·bi·tus val·gus

(kyū'bi-tŭs val'gŭs)
Deviation of the extended forearm to the outer (radial) side of the axis of the limb.
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cubitus valgus

An elbow deformity in which the forearm is tilted outward to an abnormal degree when the arms are by the sides. Some degree of such tilt, known as the ‘carrying angle’, is normal in women.
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They concluded that some clinical findings were useful as clues to distinguish patients with a SHOX mutation among patients with short stature and that the presence of any combination of reduced arm span/height ratio, increased sitting height/height ratio, above average body mass index (BMI), a Madelung deformity, cubitus valgus, short or bowed forearms, dislocation of the ulna at the elbow, or muscular hypertrophy should prompt the clinician to conduct a molecular analysis for the SHOX gene.
Physical examination showed dysmorphic facial features, a short and webbed neck, low posterior hairline, cubitus valgus, brachy-and clinodactyly, and widely spaced nipples suggesting NS and multiple cafe-au-lait spots (>15 mm, 8 spots), axillary freckling, and relative macrocephaly suggesting NF1 syndrome.
(5) Finally, we can correct the rotations, angulations, under the image intensifier control and greatly reduce the mal unions, like cubitusvarus or cubitus valgus with Closed reduction and percutaneous pinning technique.
A goniometer was used to measure cubitus valgus (or) varus and movements of the elbow in the lateral views.