cubic millimeter

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cubic millimeter (cu mm, mm)3

a unit of volume equal to one millionth of a liter. One cubic millimeter is equivalent to 1 microliter.
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The concentration of CD4 T lymphocytes, the infection-fighting white cells that decline dramatically during the course of AIDS, went from an initial average of 140 cells per cubic millimeter of blood on a slide to a healthier value of 360 cells per cubic millimeter.
Occupying a volume only slightly larger than a cubic millimeter, this microelectromechanical STM is driven by "finger" motors, each one only 200 micrometers wide.
To enter the study, the volunteers had to show a T cell count of at least 600 cells per cubic millimeter of blood.
The researchers first studied 10 recruits with moderate immune suppression; they had CD4 T lymphocyte "counts" of greater than 200 per cubic millimeter of blood.
Healthy people have a CD4 T lymphocyte count of about 600 to 800 cells per cubic millimeter of blood.
At present, clinicians give HIV-infected people antiviral drug therapy when their T-cell concentrations fall below 500 T-cells per cubic millimeter of blood, a point at which opportunistic infections begin to emerge.
By reducing both the size and number of power components required in the end application, SiliconMAX delivers a significant increase in the achievable watts per cubic millimeter power density.
The term means that a person has fewer than 300 T-lymphocytes per cubic millimeter of blood and that this count cannot be explained by immunosuppressive drugs or other factors.
Among 38 MGDF patients, the researchers documented a median low platelet count of 188,000 per cubic millimeter -- a 70 percent increase over the median low count of 111,000/cmm measured among the unexposed patients.
The agency also suggested that physicians use zalcitabine only for AIDS patients whose counts of CD4 cells, a key immune system component, have dropped below 300 per cubic millimeter of blood.
The NIH investigators reported that in a randomized, controlled study of 60 HIV infected patients, in 31 subjects mean CD4+ T-cell counts doubled from 428 cells at baseline to 916 cells per cubic millimeter at 12 months.