crystal structure

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crys·tal struc·ture

the arrangement in space and the interatomic distances and angles of the atoms in crystals, usually determined by x-ray diffraction measurements.
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The crystal structure was solved by direct methods with SHELXS-97 [26] and refined by full-matrix least-squares refinements based on F2 with SHELXL-97.
Environmental changes (temperature, humidity, light) impact the forces in ways that can cause the crystal structure to change.
EP 1 438 337 B1 covering the use of the crystal structure of human cytochrome P450 2C9 granted on 20th September 2006
AIST and Tohoku have clearly identified the initial nucleation followed by growth of quantum dot crystals, and moreover clarified the relationship between crystal structures in nucleation and growth, and the optical absorption spectra with the technique of computational chemistry.
Thus, the crystal structure of the lamellar crystals of nylon 11 11 is not only different from the [alpha] or [beta] phases found for the even-even polyamides, but is similar to the [gamma]-phase model [1-4].
Spices, Seasonings and Cures: A unique crystal structure and low bulk density help Alberger salt lock in blended ingredients and prevent unwanted separation.
7], where the molecular structure and triclinic crystal structure were solved without any prior crystallographic information by direct methods.
Change in crystal structure above a certain comonomer content such that the new crystal structure could accommodate comonomer units in the crystal.
The crystal structure results showed that Mn is [Mn.
Researchers say they have solved the crystal structure of a key protein that allows the paramyxoviruses--the major cause of croup and other diseases--to attach to cells, which in turn permits the viruses to invade cells and cause respiratory illness.
The Ames researchers can now gather the data in just a few days while getting a more detailed picture of what happens to a material's crystal structure as it heats and cools.
The promise is that in the near-perfect vacuum of space, the shuttle will produce GaAs semiconductor wafers nearly perfect in crystal structure.