A rare abnormality in which the superior portion of the auricle of the ear is hidden under the scalp.
[crypto- + G. ōtos, ear]
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Cryptotia is an ear anomaly defined as a "pocket ear" because in this condition, the upper pole of the auricle is tucked in a pocket beneath the temporal skin.
Ear molding with the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System (Becon Medical Ltd.; Naperville, Ill.) has been found effective for correcting ear malformations and reducing the need for surgery; it has been shown to provide superb rates of correction in newborns with congenital ear abnormalities, including those with cryptotia. (3,4) Circulating maternal estrogen causes ear cartilage plasticity during the early weeks of life, making this the most effective time to begin molding.
Physical exam revealed a right-sided cryptotia whose cartilaginous structure could be manipulated out of its buried position.
After 2 weeks with the EarWell system in place, the cryptotia deformity was completely corrected and the superior helix was in the correct anatomic position.
Cryptotia is a relatively common congenital ear malformation that can be difficult to correct with surgery.
Three babies had preauricular skin tags and one each had low set ears, cryptotia, cleft palate, unilateral choanal atresia and retrognathia.