A rare abnormality in which the superior portion of the auricle of the ear is hidden under the scalp.
[crypto- + G. ōtos, ear]
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Cryptotia is an ear anomaly defined as a "pocket ear" because in this condition, the upper pole of the auricle is tucked in a pocket beneath the temporal skin.
has been found effective for correcting ear malformations and reducing the need for surgery; it has been shown to provide superb rates of correction in newborns with congenital ear abnormalities, including those with cryptotia.
Physical exam revealed a right-sided cryptotia whose cartilaginous structure could be manipulated out of its buried position.
After 2 weeks with the EarWell system in place, the cryptotia deformity was completely corrected and the superior helix was in the correct anatomic position.
Cryptotia is a relatively common congenital ear malformation that can be difficult to correct with surgery.
The babies with cryptotia and retrognathia were detected to have hearing loss.