Obsolete term for a simple x-ray fluoroscope.
[G. kryptos, something hidden, + skopeō, to examine]
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Demonstrated that the C-MAC Visional Cryptoscope can be used as the first choice for patients with high IOP who need general anaesthesia with intubation.
Readers can be transported back in time and get a feel of what was like living in times gone by when they read news headlines, family notices, and quirky advertisements such as this one found in the North Wales Times in 1909: "Mr John Williams begs to inform the public of the Vale of Clwyd and North Wales generally that he has obtained the latest and most improved electrical apparatus and is prepared to cryptoscope or radiograph any part of the human body through the clothing.
He called his invention a cryptoscope and said it "consisted of a tube with a fluorescent screen at one end and an opening for the eyes at the other."[11]