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The convincing of a consumer to add more life insurance policies to ones already purchased, often with the promise that they would be paid for with built-up values in their old policies
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In the report, OTA noted a steep rise in cyber incidents like supply chain attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and cryptojacking. Some attack types, such as ransomware, are not new but continue to be lucrative for criminals.
[24] "UK cryptojacking attacks surge 1,200% as Bitcoin value rise sees illegal miners taking over PCS," Independent, February 28, 2018.
These companies were also clearly aware of the latest risks to their data, which is why they reported being either concerned or highly concerned about ransomware (60.6 percent), cryptojacking (60.1 percent), and social engineering attacks (61.0 percent).
The count of people encountering cryptojacking increased by almost 45 percent year-over-year to 2.7 million in 2017-18, according to a June report, "Ransomware and Malicious Cryptominers 2016-2018," by Kaspersky Lab of Moscow.
A second workshop discussed one of the most recent attack categories in the cyber world, cryptojacking, which involves utilizing other people's machines--without their consent, authorization, or awareness--to mine one's own cryptocurrency.
Last year, there was a rise in ransomware attacks and cryptojacking, which imparts lower risks and better returns on investment.
Additionally, CFC's cyber insurance offering adds affirmative crime cover for a new type of cyber attack that is on the rise: cryptojacking. With cryptojacking, the hacker hijacks the processing power of a victim's computer network in order to mine cryptocurrency for their own benefit, leaving the victim to foot the bill for the increased use of bandwidth.
The company's cyber insurance offering adds affirmative crime cover for cryptojacking.
Cases of cryptocurrency mining and cryptojacking will continue to grow in 2019, as attackers target smart devices and home assistants to build cryptomining farms, according to Eset's latest trends report.
De acuerdo con ESET, el cryptojacking se refiere a la actividad maliciosa a traves de la cual una persona utiliza una computadora de otra persona para minar criptomonedas utilizando un codigo que puede ser ejecutado sin consentimiento alguno del usuario.
The report further examined the reasons for the predominance of this type of malware in some regions over others and concluded that regions with a lack legislative framework on pirated and illegally distributed software were more likely to have a larger number of victims of cryptojacking.
EternalBlue becomes a key tool for cryptojacking attacks

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