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Cerebellar cryptococcoma simulating metastatic neoplasm.
cryptococcoma, tuberculoma, or brain abscess, were unlikely.
A computerised tomography (CT) scan was done in only two patients with focal signs and cranial nerve deficits, showing a mass lesion in both cases, suggestive of cryptococcoma.
In patients presenting with enlarging intracerebral tuberculomas or tubercular abscesses the important differential diagnoses to consider are cerebral toxoplasmosis, cryptococcoma, lymphoma, bacterial abscess and MDR TB.
Our patient underwent lung biopsy, resection of the lesion and the cryptococcoma was subsequently diagnosed by histopathologic examination.
Instead, organisms persist in a walled-off nodule characterized by a well-formed, necrotizing granuloma similar to a tuberculoma (eg, histoplasmoma, cryptococcoma, coccidioidoma).
West and her collaborators first had their interest piqued by a published 2006 case of a man from Puget Sound region of Washington state, who had pulmonary cryptococcoma and who was infected with C.
9) In the 40 cases described by Dubey et al, (4) aspergilloma was the most frequent organism found (25, 63%), followed by mucormycosis (7, 18%), cryptococcoma (3), Cladosporium (3), Bipolaris hawaiiensis (1), and Candida species (1).
A cryptococcoma is a collection of organisms, inflammatory cells, and mucoid material in the brain parenchyma.
A cryptococcoma was excised from his brain, and he was treated with another course of antifungal therapy.
A second person with a possible false-positive LFA result died of meningitis symptoms several weeks later, and a third person with a possible false-positive LFA result had cryptococcoma masses documented postmortem.