crypt of Lieberkuhn

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(kript) [Gr. krypte, hidden place]
1. A small sac or cavity extending into an epithelial surface.
2. A tubular gland, esp. one of the intestine.

anal crypt

Any of a number of small indentations immediately behind the junction of the anal skin and rectal mucosa.

dental crypt

A space in the bony jaw occupied by a developing tooth.

crypt of iris

An irregular excavation on the anterior surface of the iris near the pupillary and ciliary margins.

crypt of Lieberkühn

See: Lieberkühn crypt

synovial crypt

Diverticulum of a synovial membrane of a joint.

tonsillar crypt

A deep indentation, lined with stratified squamous epithelium, into the lymphatic tissue of a lingual or palatine tonsil.
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Fig. 124 Crypt of Lieberkuhn . A transverse section of the wall of the duodenum.

crypt of Lieberkuhn

a narrow pit at the base of a villus in the lining of the DUODENUM and ILEUM that passes secretions from BRUNNER'S GLANDS, PANETH CELLS and GOBLET CELLS.
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