The process of forming a cryoprecipitate from solution.
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IGF-I was released from binding proteins by acid-ethanol extraction, followed by neutralization and cryoprecipitation (19).
Cryoglobulinemia was assessed using tube and gel-diffusion cryoprecipitation (18) (OKAZAKI et al.
Sample processing - To prevent cryoprecipitation of VWF and other proteins, blood samples for VWF assays should be transported to the laboratory at room temperature.
2) The processed serum is observed for cryoprecipitation by daily inspection at 4[degrees]C for seven days.
The design of the CryoSeal FS System is based upon two of the Company's recent technological breakthroughs enabling real time processing of blood products, including: (a) automated cryoprecipitation technology which prepares fibrinogen-rich cryoprecipitate from plasma in as little as 51 minutes, as compared to two to three days for standard blood center methodology; and (b) thrombin activation technology which prepares activated human thrombin from a small aliquot of the same human plasma.
It is essential that fasting serum samples be collected at 37[degrees]C to avoid false positives due to cryoprecipitation of lipoproteins or false negatives due to premature cryoprecipitation of immunoglobulins, rheumatoid factor, and complement (3).
Others are made of a variety of materials designed to selectively retain specific plasma components by cryoprecipitation (removal of cryoglobulins) or affinity adsorption (such as removal of IgG-class antibodies by adsorption to Staphylococcus protein A).
These cases remind us that IgM monoclonal proteins (M-proteins) have earned a reputation as saboteurs of many laboratory assays owing to their self-aggregation, aggregation of latex particles, binding to analytes and reagents, and cryoprecipitation.