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The science concerned with the production and effects of very low temperatures, particularly temperatures around that of liquid helium (< 4.25 K).
[cryo- + G. -gen, producing]
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Statebourne Cryogenics is in the process of building a number of its mobile refuelling stations, which will be distributed to customers of BOC.
"It also delivers up to three times the heat transfer rate of cryogenic spirals and up to 10 times that of mechanical, offering better cooling effects."
There is a growing amount of cryogenic material performance data available in the public domain, though there still remain many gaps that call for testing to be carried out.
"It's even colder standing by the equipment because the cryogenics are so cold.
Air Products (NYSE: APD), a company involved in cryogenic technology with more than 40 years of experience, is unveiling its PolarFit cryogenic solutions at the NPE Expo in Orlando, scheduled to commence on April 15, 2012.
The singer wants her body preserved in liquid nitrogen, in a process known as "cryogenic" freezing.
The Freshline[R] TRS freezer, a continuous cryogenic solution for freezing and chilling meat products for slicing, has been launched by Air Products.
Hosted in part by the AFS Keystone Chapter, the tour of the company's headquarters and R&D facilities included the metallurgical, heat treating, machining, combustion, surface analysis and cryogenics labs.
The newest findings might make quantum-physics experiments easier by eliminating tricky cryogenics and might lead to practical payoffs such as extremely low-power lasers.
Air Liquide is the cryogenics partner, providing the refrigeration system modifications, system engineering and installation support.
Assuming he's there to assist, Adam quickly becomes Vick's subject (his second, after a first botched try) in a bizarre experiment combining cryogenics, serums, various tubes and enough blood to keep the queasy on edge.
SatCon noted that it will work with cryogenics systems experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the project.