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The presence of sodium citrate helped decreasing water required for mixing thereby decreasing the porosity of the samples and increasing their cold crushing strength.
Significant, or highly significant, differences among the three populations were found for all characters, except for stalk crushing strength and ear height.
While there is no a priori reason to assume that organisms will utilize their maximal performance capacities in the field (Wainwright 1991), molluscivores with greater crushing strength have been shown to consume larger and harder molluscs (Wainwright 1988).
Overall, the compression strength data contrast favorably with the 29,300 kPa (4,250 psi) parallel-to-grain maximum crushing strength at 12 percent EMC for solid aspen published in the Wood Handbook (USDA 1999).
Effects of recurrent selection for crushing strength on morphological and anatomical stalk traits in corn.
Effects of recurrent selection for stalk crushing strength on agronomic characteristics and soluble stalk solids in maize (Zea mays L.
The radial crushing strength is also 5-times that of commercially available products, which drastically improves core cutting work and handling.
Other wood properties include: straight grain, medium to fine texture, resistance to shock loads, low stiffness, medium crushing strength with medium steam-bending classification, and small tendency to split when nailed.
8 Percent Max, Size Grading -0-5 Mm, Water Required For Casting -7-8 Percent , Dry Density-2800 Kg/M3 Min , Cold Crushing Strength -550 Kg/Cm2, After Drying At 110 Deegree Celcius For 24 Hours, Refractoriness -1800 Deegree Celcius Min, Permanent Linear Change Plus Minus 1, Recommended Temperature Minus 1750 Deegree Celcius Max.
The editors of the Encyclopedia of Wood describe utile as a "dense wood, with high crushing strength and medium bending strength, low stiffness and shock resistance, and a very poor steam-bending rating.
It has a very good steam bending rating, medium bending and crushing strength, medium shock resistance and low stiffness ratings.
The low k values of Kaolite 2000-LI along with high cold crushing strengths at 450 psi at densities of 38 to 41 pcf translate into superior insulating castable that design engineers can use to substantially strengthen the refractory lining and at the same time provide the thermal efficiency to lower energy costs.