inferior semilunar lobule

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in·fe·ri·or sem·i·lu·nar lob·ule

the part of the superior surface of the cerebellar hemisphere lying behind the horizontal fissure.
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In that study [24], the cerebellar crus II was typically connected with the frontoparietal network (FPN) which is associated with cognitive control and the cerebellar IX was mainly connected with the default-mode network (DMN), which is deactivated during cognitively demanding tasks.
The cerebellar subregions (crus II and lobule IX), as important nodes in relearning the motor skills, may contribute to motor recovery after stroke.
Whole-Brain rsFC Patterns of the Cerebellar Crus II. We only focused on the positive rsFCs of each cerebellar subregion because the functional significance of the negative rsFC is a matter of debate that whether the negative connectivity is an artifact of the global signal regression [33, 34] or reflects dynamic, anticorrelated functional networks [35].
Alteredr sFC Patterns of Cerebellar Crus II in Stroke Patients.
In the present study, we found that the cerebellar crus II was mainly correlated with the brain regions of the contralateral FPN, including the DLPFC and posterior parietal cortex, which is well consistent with previous findings on the FPN [24, 25, 36-38].
Unexpectedly, we did not find any significantly increased rsFC of either the cerebellar crus II or the cerebellar lobule IX in stroke patients.
In stroke patients, the cerebellar crus II showed decreased rsFCs with brain regions of the FPN and the cerebellar lobule IX exhibited decreased rsFC with brain regions of the DMN.