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 [krus] (pl. cru´ra) (L.)
1. leg (def. 1).
2. a leglike part.
crus ce´rebri basis pedunculi cerebri.
crus of clitoris the continuation of the corpus cavernosum of the clitoris, diverging posteriorly to be attached to the pubic arch.
crura of diaphragm two fibroelastic bands that arise from the lumbar vertebrae and insert into the central tendon of the diaphragm.
crura of fornix two flattened bands of white matter that unite to form the body of the fornix of the cerebrum.
crus of penis the continuation of each corpus cavernosum of the penis, diverging posteriorly to be attached to the pubic arch.
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Plural of crus.
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Plural of crus.
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The brain MRI of this pwHE showed signal abnormalities in numerous tremorogenic and non-tremorogenic structures, such as the basal ganglia, dentate nuclei, red nuclei, periventricular white matter, corpus callosum, internal capsules and crura cerebri.
In group B, after hiatal closure was completed, a "U" shaped polyglycolic acid-trimethylene carbonate absorbable synthetic patch (mesh Bio-A[R], Gore & Associates, Inc., Newark, Delaware, USA) was fixed with absorbable tacks (AbsorbaTack 5 mm Fixation Device, Covidien, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA) to the crura. Care was taken to avoid placing mesh and tacks in contact with the esophagus.
It is formed by lower esophageal sphincter (LES), crura of diaphragm, and the phrenoesophageal ligaments.
The diaphragmatic crura encircle the distal esophagus in a sling-like fashion.
in villos abeunt vestes, in crura lacerti; fit lupus et veteris servat vestigia formae: canities eadem est, eadem violentia vultus, idem oculi lucent, eadem feritatis imago est.
It revealed bilateral hemothoraces and crural hematomas, where the enlarged crura were extending inferiorly in close relation to the abdominal aorta bilaterally simulating retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy.
In this case report, the authors describe how factors like long small-bowel loop left after eosophagogastric anastomosis, flaccid diaphragmatic crura and hard physical work can affect late complications.
Most notable were the Kaufman procedures, which included a crural crossover (71) and were later modified to use a synthetic mesh tape that joins the crura in the midline.
Its lumbar part arises from the lumbocostal arches (arcuate ligaments) and from the lumbar vertebrae by two pillars or crura. Near the vertebral attachment, the crura are tendinous in structure and merge with the anterior longitudinal ligament.
The laceration is often unilateral, though bilateral rupture accounts for 2% to 10% of cases.[sup.7] Zargooshi reported 251 penile fractures in which the tear was right-sided in 163 cases, left-sided in 86 and bicorporeal in only 2.[sup.8] Concomitant urethral injury is rare, with reported frequencies in the 9% to 20% range.[sup.3,9] Patients with bilateral corporeal rupture should be assumed to have urethral injury.[sup.9] Srinivas and colleagues reported a unique case with bilateral rupture of the crura of the cavernosa without urethral injury.[sup.10] After this case, our case, to the best of our knowledge, is the second one reporting bilateral corporeal rupture without urethral involvement.
Paired clitoral neurovascular bundle originates from pudendal neurovascular bundle, ascending to the upper part of the clitoral body where the crura unite.