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Sound heard on auscultation of the chest synchronous with cardiac contraction, indicating presence of air in the mediastinum.


A crepitance. See Mediastinal crunch.

Patient discussion about crunch

Q. If your stomach muscles are cut across(bikini-cut from a c-section) does that mean that situps(crunches) won't do any good? Is there a better way in this case?

A. from what i know- it's not very good to do any sport right after a c-section. but you should resume as soon as you've been cleared by your doctor to help restore your strength and pre-pregnancy body, and then there is no problem to do situps.

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The in vivo study has revealed that the evaluation of both crunchiness and melting is a good combination for predicting a good taste and mouthfeel.
The apples will have great crunchiness, lots of taste, and a good size.
I ate bullfrog - it was the full body in a stew and there were a lot of bones, a lot of crunchiness, and also something that looked like pig's willy, so that's what we decided to call it," he laughs.
If anyone is interested in his findings, it's about the relationship between the ratio of surface to inner elasticity and the insight obtained led them to develop the Vogel's Curve which plots the varying crunchiness and colour during toasting.
Traditionally many have struggled to match the multifunctional characteristics and textural qualities of batter mixes but unlike other products on the market, Isabel's Naturally Free From batter premix evenly enrobes ingredients such as fish, locking in all the original flavours of the key protein or vegetable, whilst producing a cooked batter that retains its light, golden crunchiness.
That's being over- generous but you'll also be inclined to be so after you've had the cheong fun , the softness of the rice wrapping contrasting the crunchiness of the shrimp inside; the honey BBQ chicken puffs made to perfection; and the sushi rolls -- the California rolls with crab meat thankfully underwhelmed by either guacamole or cream cheese and the prawn tempura rolls where the bite of the filling contrasts with the slush of the fish roe.
Initially there are two blends in the line: Sierra Crisp Herb, a distinctive herb salad with wide taste appeal that combines the mild taste and crunchiness of Sierra Crisp lettuce with mild red baby butter lettuce and a changing seasonal accent of herbs (e.
This group evaluated color, crunchiness, sweetness, fibrousness, blandness and overall preference of the 18 different carrot types grown using NFT and MTMS.
Speaking about the RSC's financial performance, Mr Boyd said: "We are not yet showing any signs of credit crunchiness.
Steam or boil the greens to your preferred crunchiness.
I turn it into a foam and add the cornflakes for crunchiness.
Salad Topper is a mix of cashew pieces, pine nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and walnut pieces, with no other added ingredients, that have been toasted to intensify their flavour and to maximise their crunchiness, said the company