crude urine

crude u·rine

pale urine of low specific gravity, with very little sediment.
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In normal person, about 59% of total serum calcium is filtered into crude urine. Then, 90% of those were reabsorbed by proximal tubules, henry loop, and early distal tubules and nearly 10% reabsorbed by early collecting ducts and late distal tubular.
The CRD test was performed using 0.45 cc of fresh crude urine, and results were scored by trained clinical nurses at the bedside.
This may be particularly relevant for crude urine samples, which contain considerable amounts of cross-reacting substances and other structurally related compounds competing with the N45.1 antibody (i.e., 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguanosine and 8-oxodGuo containing oligomers) (2).
(b) Recovery of 8-oxodGuo in urine was estimated by the addition of 8-oxodGuo in 5 different concentrations (2-50 [micro]g/L) to crude urine samples.
For the NMR analysis, we added 50 [micro]L of [sup.2][H.sub.2]O containing sodium-3-trimethylsilyl-[2,2,3,3 [sup.2][H.sub.4]]-1-propionate (TSP) to 0.5 mL of crude urine as a chemical shift reference (b = 0.00).
In a 0.5-mL volume of crude urine, 50 [micro]L of [sup.2][H.sub.2]O was added containing sodium-3-trimethylsilyl-[2,2,3,3[sup.2][H.sub.4]]-1-propionate (TSP) as a chemical shift reference (8 = 0.0).
One-dimensional spectra of the crude urine were obtained by operating in the pulsed Fourier-transform mode with quadrature detection; there was a selective reduction in the TZ of the water protons by chemical exchange with N[H.sub.4]Cl (0.8 mol/L) and a saturation of the water signal.