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Hosseini-Nohadani, "Correlation of first-trimester fetal crown-rump length with outcome of pregnancy and birth weight," International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, vol.
This diagnosis was based on a symptom-generated ultrasound that showed an empty gestational sac; a gestational sac with a yolk sac but no embryo when the mean gestational sac diameter was less than 20 mm or less than 30 mm; or an embryo with an absent heart beat and a crown-rump length of less than 6 mm or less than 8 mm.
Multiple regression analysis in the nondiabetic group demonstrated that for [log.sub.10] visfatin, there were no significant contributions provided by maternal age (P = 0.286), BMI (P = 0.429), smoking status (P = 0.816), method of conception (P = 0.275), parity (P = 0.275), racial origin (P = 0.449), or fetal crown-rump length (P = 0.447).
Fetal crown-rump length: reevaluation of relation to menstrual age (5-18 weeks) with high-resolution real-time US.
The crown-rump length measurements of fetuses of women who screened positive were significantly shorter than fetuses of women for whom a negative screen result was obtained.
One of the females was carrying a single embryo, with a crown-rump length of 8 mm.
We individually weighed each pup and measured its crown-rump length using a graduated ruler.
Osborn agrees that conception dates based on crown-rump measurements include some error, but he believes that estimates based on fawning dates contain as much, or likely more, error.
The measurement should be dependent on crown-rump length, he said.
The physician can perform on-screen measurements of fetal anatomy, such as crown-rump length, head circumference, and length of the femur, and can then use these measurements to calculate the gestational age.
These included thigh length, leg length, upper arm length, forearm length, bi-iliocristal diameter, bitrochanteric diameter, transverse chest diameter, chest depth, biacromial diameter, head length, head breadth, chest circumference, upper arm circumference, calf circumference, biocular breadth, bizygomatic breadth, bigonial breadth, upper face height, trunk length, and crown-rump length.
There have been three clinical trials in which two routine ultrasound examinations have been assessed.[11-14] In a Scottish trial with a sample of 877, all subjects received a first trimester scan.[12] In addition, all patients had crown-rump length and trunk area measured between 32 and 36.5 weeks' gestation, but in only one half was a report given to the physicians.