crown-root ratio

crown-root ratio,

n the relation of the clinical crown to the clinical roots of the teeth–an important consideration in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning.
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Crown-root ratio between the two groups did not show statistically significant differences before treatment, but differences were significant after treatment, with a high coefficient of correlation for left lateral incisors (p < 0.
Statistical analysis showed that crown-root ratio in lateral incisor was larger for the lateral incisors with no root resorption (p = 0.
Crown-root ratio in both groups showed no pre-treatment differences, but there were significant post-treatment differences, with a high correlation for the left lateral incisor (p < 0.
Concerning crown-root ratio, Kim & Park (32) reported no significant differences before treatment between roots with immature apices and those that had completed their development.
Jaw relationships, available occlusal dimensions, amount of incisal reduction needed, crown-root ratios, and potential complications were evaluated on a mounted study cast.