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Nokes, Professor of clinical Bio-mechanics at Cardiff University, started as a crowd doctor first and then became a club doctor.
GP Ian MacDonald, a Celtic crowd doctor for 10 years, said men could be more open in a familiar environment.
The aim was to analyse all the illnesses reported to crowd doctors at Scotland's largest football stadium over the course of one complete season.
The report - which included information from a pool of nine crowd doctors at Celtic Park - said alcohol excess was a major contributing factor in 26 cases.
The spectator had been standing behind the fence, and a statement from circuit officials said: 'One of the spectators sustained severe head and neck injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene by the appointed crowd doctor and confirmed by the chief medical officer.
Mr Hale even tried to ban him from the directors' box but because Roger acts as crowd doctor during matchdays he needs to sit next to a red phone which is situated in the director's box.
Attached to the medical staff at Cardiff City since 1992, as crowd doctor and then club doctor for last 10 years.
Len Nokes - club Doctor The longest serving member of the backroom staff at Cardiff City, having first joined the club in 1992 initially as crowd doctor.