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R.S., 20th-century British physician. See: Crow-Fukase syndrome.

Charcot restraint orthotic walker

; CROW custom-made boot incorporating a total contact cast; worn after initial oedema has subsided, allowing the patient to remain weight-bearing during the natural course of the disease yet minimizing trauma to the affected area (Figure 1)
Figure 1: Charcot restraint orthotic walker (CROW).


a bird in the genus corvus.

crow pick
predatory gouging of eyes and other soft tissues from sick or weak lambs by crows. Wounds often infected with gas gangrene organisms.
References in classic literature ?
When the mother heard the picks and crowbars mining her fortress, she uttered a terrible cry; then she began to stride about her cell with frightful swiftness, a wild beasts' habit which her cage had imparted to her.
A jobless man is challenging a two-year imprisonment for using a crowbar to break into a flat and steal Dh400,000 in cash and other valuables while the tenants were away.
Paul Thornton smashed his way into the firms with a crowbar, snatching PS3,000 from one and breaking into charity boxes on display in another.
The court heard that Leonidis used a crowbar to hit the employee who fell to the ground.
A ICE cream supremo smashed up a rival's van with a crowbar after his competitor was passing off Aldi dessert as his own luxury brand.
We are very pleased that Arts Tasmania's successful Crowbar program, successfully piloted in 2014, is being offered again in 2015.
TWO firearms officers investigated over claims they killed an injured deer with a crowbar will this week face a disciplinary hearing.
Crowbar performs with special guests Revocation, Havok, Fit For An Autopsy, Armed For Apocalypse and My Missing Half at 6 p.
TWO police firearms officers from Durham Constabulary are being investigated after they allegedly used a crowbar to kill an injured deer.
The raiders smashed through the front door screaming for money then stabbed the teenage son in the leg and hit his 21-yearold sister with a crowbar.
As the guard placed the cash box into the rear of the van, he was threatened by two masked men with a crowbar.
A VULNERABLE man said to have been plagued by youths who threw items at his windows lost his temper and went out with a crowbar.