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Having the characteristics of croup, as a croupy cough.

croupous, croupy

See croup.
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Staying calm and comforting your child is very important, because the croupy cough and stridor can get worse when a child is upset.
wakes up with a dry, croupy cough, especially worse at night and after midnight.
After many years drilling and dozing behind the fortress ramparts of high prices, difficult software, drab output, and niche markets, traditional database industry firms may find their battle skills a little rusty, muscles a little slack, and the smell of gunsmoke more likely to cause a croupy cough than bloodlust.
His end of the conversation was interrupted by thick, croupy coughs.
They all said; 'it sounds croupy and that we should keep a close eye on him, and they said to watch his chest.
Clinical features of RSV infection include nasal flaring, chest wall retractions, tachypnea with apneic episodes, expiratory wheezing, prolonged expiration, rales and rhonchi, croupy cough, and hypoxemia and cyanosis.