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Having the characteristics of croup, as a croupy cough.
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Aconite is a wonderful remedy for acute stress and has also been used for anxious dreams and nightmares, vertigo, headaches (with an associated boiling sensation), red inflamed eyes, dry mouth and throat, intense thirst, vomiting, a short dry croupy cough, tickling in the throat and chest pain brought on with coughing.
I recently read a brilliant opinion piece on our professional list-serv on how to deliver alphal agonists (primary topical vasoconstrictors) targeted at the upper airways in a croupy baby.
* Dry, croupy cough comes on suddenly in first 24 hours
The croupy cough will often last for two or three days (and sometimes longer, up to one week), and once the croupy cough is gone, some children continue to have a looser cough for a few days.
Physical examination of the boy indicated croupy cough, stridor at rest, and moderate retractions.
Sympathy for, or fear of, my croupy state produced far fewer hints this year, and those I did get I somehow mislaid; but people were more forgiving on Christmas mom.
We see this limitation most clearly in the protagonist's relationship with Laughing Boy, his host's gardener, who is so called because he has a hare-lip that causes him to make a croupy, laughing sound, his face twisted with effort, every time he tries to speak.