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Productive and reproductive performance of dairy cows in their first crossbreeding rotational program in the Mexican Plateau.
2006) confirmed that crossbreeding influence both consumer preference and juiciness ranking.
Selective outbreeding is the best wag to improve certain traits and retain vigor when staging within a certain breed, though the results are slower and tress dramatic than with crossbreeding.
The Hokkaido association's one attempt at live crossbreeding, in which it borrowed a guide dog from the Kansai association, was successful but the cost -- about 50,000 yen to transport the dog -- made the process too expensive to be feasible, the officials said.
This, combined with the universality of crossbreeding, brings us to the subtitle of part 7, "Que peut un poete pour la mondalisation?
The model included crossbreeding (KNP, KNPxD), gender (barrow, gilt) and their interaction.
Key words: Dairy cattle, Crossbreeding, Milk yield, Lactation length, Phenotypic trend.
The Innovis Aberdale crossbreeding programme features a secure contract for all producers.
Adding jellyfish genes to corn seeds, for example, is to him the same as crossbreeding corn plants.
We're not sure,'' Luebke said, ``but the clone would be closer to the original fish than any offspring you would get by crossbreeding.
Crossbreeding between indigenous and imported breeds generated non-descript crossbreeds of cattle, which are now dominant in the communal areas of South Africa (Mapiye et al.
Couldn't crossbreeding result in sterile offspring, such as is seen in mules?