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Producing a cross-section of a river channel is fundamental to all river studies.
The number of fibres cutting-through the given cross-section surface of composite space in the so-called geometric model has been defined applying the fibre orientation factor (a) (Dupont, Vandewalle 2005) defining the average proportion of fibre length projection (onto the horizontal axis) to their length.
trapezoid cross-section (machined into a single mold plate).
These modifications focus on (1) the selection of fibers for testing and (2) the accuracy of cross-section area determination of natural fibers.
If a cross-section is constructed perpendicular to the strike of bedding, the dip of beds in the cross section will be the same as the dip measured in 3-D.
Von Bertalanffy growth parameters were estimated from surface and cross-section ages combined from trials 2 and 3.
Drying times were determined for a group of round cross-section ponderosa pine logs and a group of square timbers.
Abstract: In specialized literature the problem of average cross-section of chip by grinding was considered from two aspects.