cross-linked polymer

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cross-linked pol·y·mer

a polymer in which long-chain molecules are attached to each other, forming a two- or three-dimensional network.
Synonym(s): cross-linked resin

cross-link·ed pol·y·mer

(kraws lingkt poli-mĕr)
Material used in dental appliances in which long-chain molecules are attached to each other, forming a dimensional network.
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A 4% cross-linked resin (Aminex HPX-42A and HPX-42C) can resolve higher oligosaccharides, whereas an 8% cross-linked resin (Aminex HPX-87C and HPX-87H) is ideal for smaller molecular weight oligosaccharides.
This consistent difference suggested that for the cross-linked Resin I, the fracture toughness peak was closely associated with the glass transition temperature, which determined to a large extent what segmental/network motions were activated at a certain testing temperature and strain rate.
In the D/P cross-linked Resin I, as the content of P cross-linker increased, the curves started to show non-linearity at higher temperatures.
Two commercial cross-linked resins (namely, Amberlite[R] GT73 and Amberlite[R]IRC748) were employed for anchoring the ferrite particles.
In cross-linked resins, certain metals in inorganic pigments can react with the peroxide to limit the degree of curing that takes place.
Silicones, which can vary from low molecular weight oils and fluids, to rubbers and extensively cross-linked resins, are used in a variety of different food contact situations and conditions.