cross-linked polymer

cross-linked pol·y·mer

a polymer in which long-chain molecules are attached to each other, forming a two- or three-dimensional network.
Synonym(s): cross-linked resin

cross-link·ed pol·y·mer

(kraws lingkt poli-mĕr)
Material used in dental appliances in which long-chain molecules are attached to each other, forming a dimensional network.
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The plasma process created a dense and highly cross-linked polymer coating on the Cu substrates.
Tenders are invited for Type B Rapid Joint 25: Black Coloured Uv Resistant Cable Jointing System With Two-Half Separated Enclosures Tapered At Both Ends Filled With Cross-Linked Polymer Gel And Highly Robust Insulating Plastic Case Class-2 Joint As Per Cei 64-8.
2] as a by-product and at 300[degrees]C to that of functional groups, such as NCO and hydroxyl, that were released from the cross-linked polymer.
This indicates that the competitive cross-linking reactions take place first, especially at low temperatures; therefore, the cracking of the resulting cross-linked polymer becomes more difficult.
The SilverSeal hydrogel dressing is made from cross-linked polymer based gel that can be molded into sheets.
The cross-linked polymer may comprise either at least about 75 weight percent anionic polymer or at least about 75 weight percent cationic polymer.
While these higher implant doses are necessary for improved device performance, they create challenges for photoresist removal such as the formation of thicker, cross-linked polymer "crusts" on the top surface layer of the resist, as shown in Figure 1.
In this context, it has been taught that a combination of two film-forming polymers and a cross-linked polymer can yield an eye makeup with excellent wear properties and easy removability when desired?
Patent 7,001,540 (February 21, 2006), "Electrochromic Medium Having a Self-Healing Cross-Linked Polymer Gel and Associated Electrochromic Device," Leroy J.
At this point the solid material turns red as the phenol/paraformaldehyde cross-linked polymer forms.
Cedar Falls, Iowa, designed a unique machine to inject a liquid cross-linked polymer solution into established turf such as golf courses, sports fields, or landscaped areas.