Annealing of a DNA probe to an imperfectly matching DNA molecule.
Synonym(s): cross-hybridisation.
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The sequence of mature miRNA is generally very short, and there is interference of cross-hybridization of sequences between homologous miRNAs, so the new challenge is put forward in detection sensitivity and specificity, etc.
Given the presence of sparse cross-hybridization artifacts in individual microarray probes (Figure 1, panel B), we further tested the samples using a previously reported CHIKV PCR assay (7), which generated results 100% concordant with those of TMA (Figure 1, panel C).
Characteristics examined include adequacy and consistency of signal strength (brightness), lack of background and/or cross-hybridization signals, and presence of appropriate control (internal or external) signals.
One can divide the pattern into 2 regions: cross-hybridization and normalization (Fig.
The best probes were then selected on the basis of a combination of sequence complexity, base composition, predicted thermodynamic properties, predicted cross-hybridization, and position within the transcript (Hughes et al.
In the field, the actual cross-hybridization rate is a function of distance, with percent out-crossing diminishing the farther the recipient is from the pollen source.
The only piece of testimony jurors asked to hear again was from Department of Justice biochemist Gary Sims on the subject of cross-hybridization of DNA samples during testing.
The library prep-free single tube protocol overcomes the target-number limitations of multiplex PCR due to cross-hybridization issues, reduces sample prep time to less than one day, and is compatible with Illumina MiSeq desktop sequencers as well as HiSeq and GAIIx sequencers.
Prototype regions of 1 influenza subtype exhibited no interference from other subtypes (Figure 1A-C), and prototype regions of other pathogens on RPM version 1 showed no cross-hybridization with any influenza virus segments (Figure 1D).
In addition, there were problems with cross-hybridization between loci of a given class.
It is well known that a DNA probe designed for one HPV may react with other HPV types due to cross-hybridization despite the presence of base pair mismatches," said Dr.