(kraws kŏn-tami-nā­shŭn)
Transfer of infectious agent or matter from one person or site to another.
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This duodenoscope is currently being developed by Ambu to help address infections caused by cross-contamination. Ambu is currently pursuing regulatory clearance from the US FDA for its single-use duodenoscope.
The new Allergen Kits are designed to prevent product cross-contamination following product changeovers.
The likely cause of the increased numbers of this specific strain of Salmonella Typhimurium is considered to be meat or cross-contamination with meat from affected sheep.
Rushed hand washing, for one, leads to cross-contamination of food.
Cross-contamination in the food and beverage industry typically occurs when an artisan or operator mistakenly selects a toxic MRO product to be used in an area where a food safe product is required.
Summary: Model Kitchen features proper food handling practices to avoid cross-contamination and food-borne diseases
"We've had students see what we offer in the dining hall and tell their parents, 'This means I can go here,'" says Patti Klos, director of dining and business services at Tufts University in Massachusetts, which has taken the approach of using separate pantries to avoid cross-contamination of allergens.
You should also take precautions to avoid cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is the transfer of harmful microorganisms (germs) from one food to another.
We created the Tena Bathing Glove to be an alternative to traditional bedside basin baths or wipes, which present infection risks due to cross-contamination, are time consuming and labor intensive and can be irritating to the skin."
It aims to highlight the differences between clean and hygienic as well as to educate the public on cross-contamination, especially at workplace.
iPads and tablets have become prevalent for staff use and patient communication, but they are also the most subject to cross-contamination. These new barriers are specifically designed to protect touch screen products while not interfering with their performance.
It features complete traceability, more accurate weighing results, substantial reduction in cross-contamination, and cleaner and safer working conditions.