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(kraws kŏn-tami-nā­shŭn)
Transfer of infectious agent or matter from one person or site to another.
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Have totes and other containers labeled properly so you're not cross-contaminating.
Would he forgo the pyx and hold the host in one hand while distributing other hosts, thereby cross-contaminating mine?
Keep raw meat/poultry or ready-to-eat food or food that can be eaten raw in different shopping bags to prevent the juices of the raw food from cross-contaminating the ready-to-eat food/food to be eaten raw.
When a sample is taken, the benzene component is chemically filtered using a robust separation technology to ensure no false-positives are generated with potential cross-contaminating compounds in the atmosphere.
Just over half (51%) risk cross-contaminating food by using the same tongs for raw and cooked meats.
Meteorites and comets may have been cross-contaminating planets for millennia.
She also likes to use two different types of clay--red and white, admitting that many artists do not do this for fear of cross-contaminating their projects.
Metal or x-ray detection is required in the food industry to protect against foreign material cross-contaminating food.
We had to do the perio charting by ourselves, and the only way we could figure out doing it without cross-contaminating was to call an assistant in to help us," she explained.
Use two cutting boards--one for fruits and vegetables and another for meats to avoid cross-contaminating with bacteria.
Since the compressor is lubricated by a self-contained oil reservoir that is separate from the engine, the possibility of cross-contaminating the two oils is virtually eliminated.
Avoiding cross-contaminating between raw foods and cooked/ready to eat foods;